How Not To Be Selfish With Taxes In Barry’s New World Order

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By now, you probably heard Senator Barack H. Obama (using his middle initial is racist, BTW) say it was selfish to not pay higher taxes. We already knew it was unpatriotic to want to pay lower taxes, thanks to Senator Foot In Mouth. For those who missed it, here ya go

Special, eh?

Let’s take a simplistic overview of what McCain and Obama say they are going to do with the tax rates. Now, if you hit 10 different websites, you will find 10 different answers to how much people will pay or save on taxes. But, the salient point is that McCain says he will not change the tax rates, except to lower a few. Obama says the same thing! Unless you are making $250K or more (which is certainly up for debate based on his and Biden’s talk of late,) Obama says he will not change the tax rates either. How many times has he promised (and you know what a Democrats promise on taxation is worth) to repeal the “Bush tax cuts on people making $250 and above?”

In essence, both McCain and Obama are promising “more of the same,” with more perks and breaks, which is the norm during a political campaign, as you well know. You can check out the marginal tax schedule for 2009 here. Interestingly, while Barry sneers at “more of the same old Bush tax policy that has hurt the middle class,” let’s say you are true middle class, making $45,000 a year. You are $506 over pre-Bush taxation in 2008. Calculate it for yourself.

What Obama promises: Cut taxes for 95 percent of workers and their families with a tax cut of $500 for workers or $1,000 for working couples. In fact, he is talking about doing this for upwards of 150 working people. Depending on how the figures work out, that is about $40 to $50 billion in “tax cuts.” Since he plans on not reducing your rates, I’d call that welfare. Granted, if he sends you a check, and you are in the 25% tax bracket, the check would be larger then a rate cut of 1 to 2 percent. Many are probably saying “Hey, Teach, if I make $50K, and you drop me from 25% to 24%, I will save that same $500.” Unfortunately, taxation doesn’t work like that. I mention this not to insult anyone, but, because so many are not aware that you pay taxes not on the overall income you earn at one rate, but at multiple rates. If you are making $50K, you only pay taxes in 2008 on the income from $32,551 to $50,000.

Anyhow, Barry is going to hand you a check, and, I do not want you to be considered selfish. So, a few ideas to help you out if he wins and actually manages to convince Nancy and Harry to not only NOT repeal the “Bush tax cuts” in full (prediction: Nancy tries to repeal them by mid-February), but give out these welfare checks.

First, you can take the welfare check and redeploy it to a Republican interest, such as the RNC, the Republican Senatorial Committee, a Republican politician (hint: SarahCuda 1012), or a Conservative group.

Second, you could use the money to build a Rightroots Movement, as John Hawkins recommends. Think about tens of thousands of right-o-sphere bloggers and readers taking $500/$1,000 checks and putting them towards building a Conservative answer to (Never)MoveOn. Our own 527. Our own PAC.

Third, you could buy one of these before Barry makes the regulations so burdensome that it will be darned impossible to purchase

You’ll probably need it when The Messiah institutes his “civilian national security force,” made up of the unemployable and Barking Moonbats, including all those weepy, unstable ones who take politics a little too personally. Why do I feel a need to re-read some of Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism?”

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