The Inspiration of Obama

From mainstream media commentators to General Colin Powell to rival John McCain – all give Barack Obama credit for “inspiring” people.

My own fascination brought me to take my youngest brother to Obama’s rally during the heat of the Democratic Primary when Obama stopped in Dallas. We waited for several hours to watch Obama speak for what seemed like 10 minutes.

Oddly enough, Dallas was the first stop that didn’t chant “Yes We Can.”

Being a political junkie myself, I wanted a rally sign. I set out to retrieve one. I found myself and an overweight woman being pressed against a brick wall with a volunteer screaming “you’re going to kill her” to the crowd that had pummeled us. Too little signs, too many fans.

I’ve always been both a skeptic and a fan of politicians. I admire their achievement, but if you’ve been to an actual rally or regularly watch cable news there is one consistent fact: they continually fall short of their glory.

This election has been one for the history books.

As a Republican operative, I hardly come to the table without bias but I do have a reputation for being fair. At times I’m hated by the left and the right. All that aside, I’ve been troubled by many actions taken by Obama’s adoring supporters.

Obama has friends in the media convinced that McCain, Governor Sarah Palin, and Republicans like myself are racists. His campaign barely had to do the challenging job of converting regular speeches into “racial undertones.” David Axlerod said it was so, and so it came to pass. Did these revisionists forget that race was the blame game during Hillary Clinton’s primary bid? Who was it that distributed the picture of him wearing “traditional Somalian” ware? Who called Obama’s bid for the White House a “fairy tale?”

Obama supporters have prejudice against old age, interrupted his rallies, stormed Secret Service during the GOP National Convention, vandalized public and private property, sent pseudo Anthrax to McCain‘s campaign offices, attacked a wounded veteran, did illegal inquires on citizens who dare question Obama, and a number of other things.

I know candidates aren’t entirely responsible for the actions of their supporters; however, I have some concerns with Obama. We’ve long wondered about “Hope” and “Change.” This great orator has mobilized a base that believes in no singular agenda, has no clear political ideology, but chants under one man.

It’s remarkably similar to a movie I recall seeing as a child in the 90’s. This software company eliminates the competition by buying them out and when the opposition isn’t willing – they resort to murder. The CEO attempted to protect himself by having himself briefed on the general details and then telling his minions to “defy me.” It’s much like the Sith infamously saying, “do what must be done.”

I’m not equating Obama to a murderer or holding him entirely accountable for his supporters’ actions. I do believe that Obama mobilizes his base by any means necessary and that has proven dangerous. That kind of judgment does in fact scare me.

Obama has not inspired people to take personal responsibility or accomplish great feats unless you count caucusing for him.

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