How Serious Is America About Border Control?

How Serious Is America About Border Control?: First of all, we have a newspaper writing a sob story about how an ILLEGAL ALIEN can’t afford tuition at college…

“On August 11, the Denver Post ran a front-page story on one Jesus Apodaca, a bright and charming young man – with a 3.93 grade-point average, no less – who wants to go to the University of Colorado but can’t afford the tuition. The reason he can’t afford it, you see, is that he’s an illegal alien, and illegal aliens have to pay out-of-state tuition rates.”

Well Congressman Tom Tancredo was naturally a bit perturbed by that since illegal aliens are by definition breaking the law….

“…Tancredo seemed to think that flaunting illegal status on the front page of the state’s largest newspaper – with a photo no less – was a little much, and so last week he called the Immigration and Naturalization Service and asked what they were going to do about it.”

So what happened? The media starts taking potshots at Tancredo…

“The media/political class has responded as you might expect. One columnist slammed “law-and-order sanctimony,” another called Tancredo’s effort a “cynical ploy,” while a third quoted Clarence Darrow to call the congressman a “moron.” A Rocky Mountain News editorial compared him to Inspector Javert from Les Miserables, “the literary symbol of doctrinaire and unfeeling justice,” as the editors helpfully explained. Never to be outdone in the looniness department, the Libertarian-party candidate for Tancredo’s seat actually called him a Nazi.”

Illegal aliens are criminals who have no respect for the laws of our country and the have no right to be here. Ideally, the INS should have hunted down Jesus Apodaca, kicked in his door, slapped handcuffs on him, and then shipped him back to Mexico.

I know you may think that’s “mean” but let me explain to you where I’m coming from…

If we allowed anyone who wanted to come to the United States to become a citizen, we’d add tens of millions of new citizens every year for the foreseeable future and we simply cannot handle that many immigrants. If you accept that truth, then you understand that we either have to completely forbid immigration or limit it somehow. We as a nation have chosen to limit immigration. So if we are going to limit immigration, we have to set a certain number of legal immigrants that we’ll accept per year. While I think the number we currently have is far too high, we do have a limit set. Once we’ve set a limit, we need to enforce it or it is meaningless.

That means people like Jesus Apodaca need to be rounded up and shipped out of our country. Not only because it’s the law, not only because allowing Jesus Apodaca to stay in the US is unfair to tens of millions of people waiting to LEGALLY come to the United States, but because it’s in the best interests of the United States to keep foreigners who don’t respect our laws outside of our borders.

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