Why Should Reading Be Required To Graduate?

Why Should Reading Be Required To Graduate?:The latest editorial at JWR from Joanne Jacobs provides more ammunition for those of us who are for school vouchers…

“Des Moines public schools should give diplomas to students who can’t read, argued Jim Patch, a candidate for school board. A shop teacher for 40 years, Patch was endorsed by the teachers’ union.

“How can we take a bright kid that is having trouble reading and tell them, “You can’t graduate?” Patch asked. “If they are doing well in other subjects, are we going to tell them they can’t get a high school diploma?”

How is it that a bright kid could get 12 years of education without learning to read? Could it be that he was taught by teachers like Mr. Patch who apparently don’t even put a high priority on teaching children to read? But wait, it’s gets better…

“If diplomas are withheld, “we could have a lot of future architects and doctors out there that aren’t going to graduate,” Patch said in an interview.

…In a radio interview, Patch said that CEOs of major corporations don’t need to read well because they can dictate letters. Illiterate police officers could use a Dictaphone too, Patch said. Later, he decided that maybe cops should be able to read.”

Is this what our public schools are coming to? A bunch of dumb ex-shop techers who are so out of touch with reality that think the illiterate kids they taught are going to somehow become architects, doctors, & CEOs? Moreover, the teachers’ union endorsed this clown so we have to believe that Patch isn’t alone in his view. The fact that our public schools are riddled with mediocre teachers and school board members like Jim Patch should be a source of shame to everyone affiliated with our public education system. But, do you know what’s worse?

Patch was elected to the school board last week.

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