Misc + BKW

Misc + BKW: Well I finally took Brass Knuckles Webzine off of life support today. BKW is now pointed at RWN. That means anyone who goes to BKW ends up here. For those of you coming over from BKW, nice to see you here. We do have the best of BKW’s humor along with a few interviews and ‘special’ articles from BKW as well.

I’ve gotten 10 days behind in answering my email. Between BKW and RWN I’ve been getting like 15 emails per day and they built up fast. I should have replies out to everyone by midnight…

We’re always looking for new link trades. If you want to get a permalink on RWN, just ask. I don’t care about traffic, I just have to like your page.

I take Saturdays and Sundays off so after I finish updating today the next RWN update will be Monday. Have a great week-end.

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