“How’s It going?”: Brain Surgery Patient Wakes Up Mid-Operation and Talks To Doctors

“How’s It going?”: Brain Surgery Patient Wakes Up Mid-Operation and Talks To Doctors

While the 19 year old girl doesn’t remember waking up in the middle of her brain surgery, doctors say that not only was Iga Jasica roused when the anesthetic wore off, but that she began asking how the operation was going, and talking about cats.


From Fox News:

A teenage girl in Poland woke up during brain surgery and asked her doctors how the operation was going, The Daily Mirror reported.

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Iga Jasica, 19, had been undergoing the procedure to have a cancerous growth removed from her brain. Doctors say she woke up halfway through the surgery when the anesthetic wore off. Her brain was exposed, but surgeons say the southwest Polish girl’s health was not in jeopardy.

“Despite coming round, she didn’t feel anything and was never in danger,” neurosurgeon Dawid Larysz told The Daily Mirror. He added that Jasica wouldn’t  have been able to see or feel anything. Jasica doesn’t remember waking up during the surgery.

Doctors are investigating whether the anesthetic may have been improperly administered. Other experts told The Daily Mirror that the operation itself could have triggered her waking up despite the anesthetic.

While chatting with doctors during the procedure, Jasica reportedly brought up cats. After the surgery, she reflected on the experience.

“I missed Christmas because of this operation, but it is the best present I could have had, as I am now feeling great,” Jasica told The Daily Mirror when the procedure was complete.

I don’t know who should be more freaked out in a situation like this: the patient or the doctor. Luckily everything turned out okay, and hopefully the young girl is on the road to recovering from her cancer.


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