Huffington’s Hypocrisy

Huffington’s Hypocrisy!: In case you’ve missed it somehow, Arianna Huffington is the sponsor of TV spots that equate owning SUVS with supporting terrorism. Of course, that doesn’t stand up to the barest logical scrutiny.

If owning an SUV means you support terrorism, well then doesn’t driving a small car mean you’re supporting terrorism? Heck, what about riding a plane or a bus? You’re still using oil that came from the Middle East. In fact, since almost every product we buy in our society is delivered by vehicles which consume oil, if we take Huffington’s theory to its logical conclusion, even if we never ride in an oil powered vehicle, we still must support terrorism simply by buying almost any product from almost any store.

Furthermore, Huffington is guilty of hypocrisy of the worst sort. Huffington herself used to own an SUV & she has admitted that she flies on private planes. Do you know why Huffington has the money to spend on television commercials? Because she received a big chunk of change when she divorced OIL TYCOON Michael Huffington. Isn’t that irony at it’s finest?

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