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More Fan Mail: I received a terrific email that I thought I would share with all of you. I did edit it a bit to cut down on the length, removed a few parts of the email that went off on unrelated tangents, and corrected a few minor errors, but otherwise, the email appears as written…

“My name is Anthony Lynn McKinley, and I’m an Irishman who greatly supports the United States. I feel the war on terrorism has a very important goal to acquire. I think the reason the liberals in your country act so bizarrely stupid and ill supportive is because most, if not all of them, have never experienced terrorism. When I was 3, my parents were killed in a church bombing by Protestants. They were not in the IRA, they were good, respectable people who worked hard. And I have, since I was old enough to understand it, hated terrorism and terrorists. I actively support fighting them, arresting them, killing them, whatever the situation dictates. Liberals often seem to think that would be inhumane, but it’d only be inhumane if those you were fighting were in fact human. A terrorist is not human. A terrorist is a coward, and has no humanity left in them to fight how they do. There should be no pity, no remorse for such a murderer.

….European support for the United States is so incredibly poor, no one seems to remember that the United States fought, and fought proudly and bravely for us. My grandfather was an Irish mercenary, in a group of Irishmen who wanted to fight, but Ireland was politically neutral at the time. …And he got to fight with Americans and said that he had never seen soldiers outside of Ireland, and only Americans carried the same pride for their country that we do. They fought with cause and belief in their country. But it doesn’t appear so anymore. Pseudo-patriotism labels many Americans, in this bizarre way to make their self destructive view of the country appear patriotic. I love Americans, I would be proud to fight for Americans, because an American has pride in themself. They care about their home, their country, and their people.

A parallel, the French. I have known French patriots, who would fight to the end for their country, but most of the country is so incredibly jaded, they have no will to fight. They’d take the path of least resistance, out of fear that some one might be mad at them. For Christ’s sake, have some pride in yourself. If you’re French, then have some pride that you’re French, and always believe that France will be France, and if it isn’t going to be, then you may as well fight for it anyway. If you don’t have pride in your nation, then you are nothing. If the United States can’t get support from such nations, they should remind such countries what patriotism and loyalty are. If America, concievably, were to begin to fall, who would terrorists target next? And then who? And so on. It is by serving and defending each other that we serve and defend ourselves. An ally is always better than an enemy, but so many countries seem so damn concerned with their safety now, they don’t see the innate danger to their safety in 20 years if they just allow terrorism and fanaticism to continue. Liberalism has been the death of patriotism.

…Apologies for the tangents, random sputtering, and possibly poor English….

Anthony Lynn McKinley”

Hey Anthony, it’s great to hear from you. I wish more Europeans had your attitude about things. If they did, it would be a better world.

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