HuffPo Post Of The Day: Impeach John Roberts!

“There is simply no excuse for United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts bungling the presidential oath of office to such an extent that Barack Obama might need to do it again, at least in private, to ensure the legality of his inauguration.

Roberts should be impeached and removed from office for this unforgivable error.” — Craig Crawford at The Huffing Post

Setting aside the fact that impeaching Roberts for bungling an oath would be dumber than hiring Michael Jackson to run a daycare center, it’s worth noting that Obama screwed up the oath, too.

So theoretically, if we applied this standard equally, would it be worth it to impeach Roberts if we could impeach Obama, too?

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I’m thinking, “no.” If we were to impeach Obama, all we’d end up with would be Biden in the White House, who would then be able to appoint another justice.

Moreover, Roberts is still 53 years old. That means he’ll probably be on the Supreme Court for another 20 years at least while Obama, God willing, will be gone in four years.

It wouldn’t be much of a trade-off.

PS: I am glad that Barack Obama retook the oath of office. That will probably spare us a five part Jerome Corsi series explaining why Barack Obama isn’t really the President because the oath was done incorrectly.

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