Huge misstep by Scott Walker using Democrat speak: Accuses Trump Is Using Democratic ‘Talking Points’ Against Me

Huge misstep by Scott Walker using Democrat speak: Accuses Trump Is Using Democratic ‘Talking Points’ Against Me

I’ve come out publicly for Sscott walkercott Walker as my #1 choice for the GOP nomination despite my support for Donald Trump. Having said this, I feel Walker is making a very bad move to say Trump is using Democrat talking points to attack him. It comes as whiney and Walker is much better than that. Whoever is advising Walker to use this type of language needs to be fired immediately or not paid attention to.

Daily Caller reports Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker accused his primary opponent Donald Trump of using Democratic talking against him Tuesday.

“Well he’s using the Democratic talking points, just more of the same,” Walker told Fox And Friends host Brian Kilmeade. “I get attacked by Hillary Clinton yesterday, and I get attacked by him with Democratic talking points this morning.”

Trump has gone after Walker on numerous occasions since the start of his campaign. The business mogul claims Walker has caused a $2.2 billion deficit and a bad jobs forecast while serving Wisconsin.

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“It’s probably part of the reason why I won three times as a governor in a blue state in the past four years because those talking points just aren’t right,” Walker argued. “We inherited a $3.8 billion budget deficit. We fixed it. We did it while cutting taxes by some $2 billion.”

According to Politifact, the claim made by Trump that Wisconsin has suffered a $2.2 billion dollar deficit under Walker is mostly false. Walker also points to the state’s rainy day fund, funded pensions and improved schools as why Wisconsin is doing better.

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Here’s another misstep by Walker. He used the phrase: “We inherited a $3.8 billion budget deficit..” That’s the exact phraseology Barack Obama used after becoming president and it’s absolutely very unseemly for a responsible person to talk like that. The last thing Scott Walker needs is to use Obama language to make a point. He’s walking on very thin ice here. A better way to say the same thing is to say: “When I walk in the door I had to deal with a $3.8 billion budget deficit…” Talking full responsibility for the situation and not pointing fingers at the governor before him is not only manly, but shows responsible leadership and shows the buck stops with him.

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