Humiliating Video of Hillary Going VIRAL – She’s Panicking…

Humiliating Video of Hillary Going VIRAL – She’s Panicking…

Oh boy…this is not pretty. Bill Clinton broke the internet when people reacted to his amazement over th balloons at the 2016 Democratic Convention. However, now a video has resurfaced about Hillary Clinton from the 1996 DNC…and you need to see this.


At the 1996 DNC, Macarena had been out for almost a year. Vice-president Al Gore referenced the song in his speech, with his version of the dance involving standing there in silence, to the crowd’s laughter and applause.

While the crowd danced the Macarena at the DNC, Hillary stood around with lots of smiles and clapping. Even as others behind her tried to encourage her to do the moves, she just swayed side to side. Many others in the crowd really got down, but Hillary just couldn’t seem to get it.

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What in world did I just watch. It’s so stupid, it’s hilarious. What I would give to see the look on her face when she saw this one…

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