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I Get Letters: This may shock some of you, but there are actually people out there that don’t agree with me. I know, I know, I believed all those left-wingers who said that dissent was no longer allowed in America just like you did. Now your first reaction after learning that there is still dissent in America is probably something like, “Tell us where they live so we can demand that Bush bomb their city until all that dissent is crushed!” That’s a very valid reaction, but not one that you’re allowed to talk about until the VRWC’s fleet of black helicopters piloted by Christina Aguilera clones is up to full strength. So in the interim, I’ll just post a few of the emails I’ve gotten in the last few days for your amusement…

To begin with, here’s a semi-standard piece of hate mail that I received today from someone in Australia named Trevor Lindstrom…

“I am so sorry for your country and its people, to put up with all these lies that the US makes against your esteem country.

Yes…. for sure its all about Oil, that is why the US should spend more time at home looking after there own staving people?

The US are the biggest trouble makers in the world for sure, and if there is ever anything I could do to help your people country please only ask, as I lived in Dubai /UAE for many years and enjoy all related Arab’s.

Hence, the US have lost all creditability through out the world, and it will be the only Empire in history that will Rule the world lfor ess than 50 years…….

Inshallah, all will be okay for your country, that is if the US would stay in there own country…?

God be with you all…Trevor”

Fascinating, especially the, “rule the world” part. I’m not sure if he thinks we’re going to conquer the world and then lose it or if he thinks we’re already running things. If what we’re doing now is”ruling the world,” then trust me, it’s not as cool as it sounds.

Next we move on an angry email from a white supremacist called IzedUrth. I get these from time to time when one of them hits the page and wanders into the ACPOTI section…

“It is easy for you to filter out some of the less educated/angrier people,and use them to prove your point.I’m sure that if you actually opened your mind up to a different point of view for one minute in your life,and looked around the stormfront page,I know you would come across legitimate reasons for the white race to be concerned with its place in society.You cannot try and make yourself look better than anybody else,or try to make me feel inferior for caring for my race and family.You are right though,you proved your own point that “Anyone can post on the web” when you posted your ideas of what you think ignorance is.Those “psychotic skinheads” from b-movies are obviously the only skinheads you have had the pleasure of being near,on your couch,behind a TV set.Maybe you shouldn’t judge peoples beliefs by what the TV tells you,and by what you have seen in movies….maybe you should have more important things to worry about.”

Yes, I can’t say that I make any effort to hang out with skinheads, cannibals, serial killers, bestiality freaks, child molesters, Nazis, or any of the rest of society’s rejects. Perhaps I’m missing out because of that, but somehow I seriously doubt it.

Next up is an email I received from one Robert Vazquez, a man who is perhaps the last remaining Michael Jackson fan above the age of 12…


I have a few words in regards to your shallow piece, if that’s what you call it, about Michael Jackson. It is people like you who keep the ugliness and hatred in the world alive. You are a disgrace to your fellow human beings and this sorry right wing news organization. You represent everything impure. It makes me very sad to know that people like you are speaking your mind polluting this world.

I wish you the worst,
Robert Vazquez”

I normally don’t even bother to reply to hate mail, but in this case I was intrigued. The article he was referring to was written months ago and it actually looks more prescient than ever considering the devastating episode of 20/20 that reveals Jackson still sleeps with young boys and has a number of other bizarre eccentricities. (Editor’s note: Although I’ve read about the special, I’d like to actually see it. Anyone know where I can view it online?) Here is what Vazquez had to say…

“For instance the last few days, the interview, that sorry excuse for a human being Bashir. It is so obvious how Bashir was blatantly trying to poke and prod and destroy any shred of credibility Michael Jackson has. The fact of the matter is that Bashir has some nerve! He is a nobody a loser trying to make a buck at the expense of others defamation. Bashir stands for everything unholy about mainstream media. He stands for everything ugly about the human race. It is because of f*cks like him that 50% of this ignorant world remains in a zombie state while the world falls apart and is molded by those media moguls with money. It is interviews like this that keep the poor poorer, the rich richer, and you and I down.

As a right wing activist you should not cater to the bullsh*t, you should not be supporting the defamation of you and I . This is what you are doing in effect. You should take a step back and really try to see what side you are really standing on. You have the power to show the people of the world about the truths of our society and our world. Instead you blind them just as mainstream media does.

I could give a d*mn about Michael Jackson’s celebrity status. MichaelJackson is of an intellect beyond most of our world, and beyond you. He is true love and expression. Since he has gotten older the garbage continues to pile up. He interviewed for a reason. I hope that the world saw just as I have how shallow Bashir is and how sad the other journalists are as they read their teleprompters, zombies themselves, the words come out and their eyes are cold and empty. They have sold their souls.

The interview I regret watching now. It reminds me of how simple minded the big guys think we are. Obviously you have been blinded too. In Michael’s eyes, in his eyes I see love and truth. I see everything this world should be. Go watch the interview again if you must, but look into his eyes and then look into the eyes of Bashir, the truth tells itself…

I am not the greatest writer or speaker but I know my own truths, I know what is right and wrong. I am real! You should reassess what you feed to others minds. Reevaluate your writings. You should start with the man in the mirror; make that change.)

Robert Vazquez II”

If Michael ever starts a “Neverland cult,” I’m pretty sure that I know who the first member to join is going to be and he will drink the kool-aid if Michael asks him too…

***Update***: I just received another angry email from a Michael Jackson fan. Maybe the homeland security department should start looking for a time machine that’s bring people here from mid-eighties…

“If you ask me, you sound like the one with the problem rather then Michael Jackson. How come somebody who claims to know so much, says so little. It sounds to me like you are threatened by the fact that someone is different. People like you sit back and judge everybody else by what you read and not by what you know. We are all entitled to our opinion, sometimes people like you need to keep it to yourself. Your comments are nothing but hateful.

Sandy Piergiovanni”

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