More Plagiarized Material Found In Another British Intelligence Dossier

More Plagiarized Material Found In Another British Intelligence Dossier: After learning that Britain’s last intelligence dossier contained large amounts of material plagiarized from a graduate student, reporters combed through previous dossiers and found more suspect material. The following section of a December, 2002 intelligence dossier is thought to have come from a homework assignment done by 6 year-old Cliff Wellington from Liverpool…

“Saddam Hussein is a very mean poopiehead! I don’t like him at all and I think his mustash looks very stupid! He should stop being so mean or we should blow him up!

I would have written more but my dog Rex ran away and I had to find him and then I stayed outside playing cricket with my mates instead of finishing. Can I have another day to work on this Mrs. Jones?”

When asked about the dossier, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said, “While I certainly can’t condone plagiarism, everything in the report is factually correct. One certainly could fairly call Saddam a ‘mean poopiehead,’ and that big bushy mustache of his isn’t exactly fashionable is it? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go read the newest dossier. I don’t want to reveal too much, but agents who’ve already viewed the report tell me that there is evidence suggesting that Saddam probably smells bad, that his mother wears combat boots, and that he very well may have cooties. I think that after that dossier is released, you’ll forget all about these accusations of plagiarism.”

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