The First Annual Warblogger Awards

The First Annual Warblogger Awards: In order to recognize the excellent work some of our fellow warbloggers have been doing, RWN created the first annual “Warblogger Awards”. More than 125 bloggers were invited to vote for their favorite blog in numerous categories. Of the 125 bloggers who were invited to judge the contest, 67 responded (Cont)

***Update***: I’ve noticed several people asking, “how is it that all the bloggers who made the “overrated” list also made the, “best blog” lists. Keep in mind that there were 67 bloggers voting and the people voting blogs as, “overrated” weren’t the same ones voting those blogs into the, “best blog” category. Think of it as the, “Britney Spears” effect. The more popular you get, the more people who either learn of your existence and are annoyed by you, who are jealous of your success, or would just plain old enjoy seeing you taken down a peg or two.

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