The Consequences Of The Anti-War Crowd’s Position

The Consequences Of The Anti-War Crowd’s Position: The possible negative consequences of an Iraqi invasion have been discussed ad nauseum in recent months. We’ve been told that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians could die, many Americans will die in street to street fighting, that the risk of terrorism will be increased, that our attacks on Iraq will increase the chances of other striking pre-emptively, getting
rid of Saddam might be a recruiting tool for terrorists, that Saddam might launch weapons of mass destruction at us or Israel which might provoke a nuclear response, an Iraqi invasion might cause Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to fall, attacking Iraq will make America more unpopular, etc, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing up the possible negative consequences of going to war. To the contrary, even though we know from previous experience that most of these negative scenarios are not likely to occur, being aware of them helps prepare and steel us for potential problems.

However, I think insufficient attention has been paid to the consequences of failing to remove Saddam Hussein. If we’re honest, we must admit that we would face some rather severe repercussions if we allow Saddam to retain power. (Cont)

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