New UN Resolution Gives Iraq Only 12 More Years By Scott Ott

New UN Resolution Gives Iraq Only 12 More Years By Scott Ott: (2003-02-10) — France today will introduce a new resolution in the United Nations Security Council giving Iraq “only 12 more years to comply” with the UN resolutions of the past 12 years.

The resolution is the hardest line yet taken by the French, and has driven a wedge between France, Germany and Belgium. Leaders of the latter two nations support a competing resolution calling for “inspections forever, or until nothing is found, whichever comes first.”

“We want to demonstrate that we are serious about protecting people from weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Saddam Hussein,” said French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man). “Some may call it saber-rattling, but at the end of 12 years, if Iraq has not disarmed we may suggest doing something about it. That’s the deadline. Period.”

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder called Mr. de Villepin “a crazy cowboy who’s pushing his dream of the return of French imperialism.”

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