I Need A Little Advice

I Need A Little Advice: Although I’ve always been a big supporter of gun rights, I have never owned a handgun. Well that is about to change. I’ve finally decided to go ahead and pick up a gun. But to be honest with you, I don’t know enough about handguns to make an informed purchase. I’ve asked a few friends what to get and a couple of them suggested buying a 9mm. On the other hand, I noticed that .38s are really cheap. Should I just buy one of those? I also had an ex-roommate who owned a glock and who told me that they were really exceptional handguns. I’d be open to purchasing any brand of handgun though.

Keep in mind that I’m probably not going to spend more than $500 and that I currently don’t know a lot about handguns. So can some of you gun enthusiasts out there give me some advice?

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