Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Appeasement Prize!

Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Appeasement Prize!: Jimmy Carter became the first person to win the Nobel Prize for Appeasement, a new category of Nobel Prize awarded for extraordinary achievements in the field of giving in to dictators.

“For his works in Cuba, North Korea, The People’s Republic of China, and Iraq, Jimmy Carter has earned the accolades of those who understand that there is nothing at all worth fighting for, and that fighting against evil dictators makes you just as bad as them” said committee chair Helen Thomas. “President Carter simply swept the category when it was revealed this week that North Korea is now a nuclear power and has been rushing a crash program since 1994 when Carter intervened to avoid a conflict with the US. It was his greatest achievement since his intervention to allow Cuba to go unpunished for developing their bio-warfare capability. He deserves immense credit for his efforts in 1990 to allow Saddam Hussein to keep Kuwait, though they were unsuccessful. We have high hopes that he can solve the new Iraq problem in a similar way and perhaps bring a resolution to the dispute between Al Quaeda and the US.”

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