I Think It’s Time To Ask: Will Barack Obama Institute A Draft?

During the 2004 elections, liberals claimed over and over again that George Bush was going to institute a draft.

They never provided any evidence that he intended to do that and moreover, George Bush and other Republicans said, over and over again, that they were absolutely opposed to a draft.

In fact, the only people who ever seem to advocate a draft or for that matter, talk about a draft at all, are liberals.

Now, we have the same thing happening in 2008. Over at the Huffington Post, Paul Abrams is suggesting that McCain is going to implement a draft,

AttenTION: A McCain Presidency Guarantees a Military Draft

…He will not tell you this, but here is the answer: he will have to call for a military draft, period. The military would prefer not to do it, draftees are more difficult to train and form into cohesive fighting forces. But, there is no other way to fight all his wars, at the level he wishes to fight them. No, McCain is not joking about his war policies. He just will not tell the truth about the implications. He will, of course, deny vigorously when challenged that they require a military draft.

But, that’s what simple addition compels. Today’s second-graders, who will 10 years hence be called by McCain’s draft, could teach him that.

Obviously, this isn’t true and furthermore, if anyone were to call for a draft, it would be Barack Obama, not John McCain.

Think about it.

Liberals are the only people who seem to support the idea of a draft these days. Furthermore, Obama isn’t going to immediately pull out of Iraq, he wants to fight in Afghanistan, and he has suggested that he might invade Pakistan.

Plus, when you hear a guy constantly talking about big changes that he has in mind without telling you what they are, well, it’s hard to know exactly what he might do, isn’t it?

So, is Obama going to implement a draft? It seems unlikely, but it’s certainly much more likely than McCain implementing a draft. So, if this is going to be an issue, perhaps we should treat Obama the way liberals did in 2004.

You know, constantly tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s going to implement a draft, ask him to deny it and then say we don’t believe it when he does, and then write stories talking about how people are wondering whether he’ll implement a draft without pointing out that he’s not going to do it.

Oh wait, that’s what dirtbags with no integrity or honor would do. Never mind.

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