I Get Emails: Stop Having People Drive By My House, George Bush!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I start getting a series of emails that were apparently being sent to a lot of people in the media. At first glance, they appeared to be out of the standard Left-Wing Truther playbook.

For example, here’s the first one:

Hypothetically speaking, what would you do, if you had evidence, that the President of the United states of America, was using the Patriot Act, the eave’s dropping program, and Homeland Security, to punish people, for speaking out against him? What if that person was mentally or physically disabled, or both, and unable to defend themselves ? What if that person, had a family that was being affected by these actions ? What if the president of the United States of America, was using this person, as a leverage tool, to get what he wants ? What if ? Hypothetically speaking… of course.

I get this sort of ga-ga so often that I hardly pay attention to it, but this particular emailer really churns them out. In the last 17 days, I’ve got 19 emails from him and occasionally, when I bothered to actually read his material, I noticed that he veered from standard liberal boiler plate into well, uh, let’s say cloud-cuckoo-land.

For example (with the name x’d out — emphasis mine),

RE : I AM here

Dear George Bush,

What’s the matter George? To much reality for you. You can’t live in Fantasy World your entire life, you know. I know … it’s nice to pretend that everything’s perfect, and that you can get your own way all the time, but, sometimes, even in Fantasy World, we cross that line. You and I both know, George, when you cross that line, there are consequences. The first step, George, is admitting you’ve got a problem.

Myself, I quite enjoyed watching you work real hard at creating your own Fantasy World. But, then your actions, were completely opposite, what you were saying … that’s the PSYCHOSIS part. Then you take advantage of all the photo ops, put on your psycho smile, wave and DENY everything, blow it off as coincidence, or blame everyone else around you …. that’s the EGOPHRENIC part.

George, America needs to know the truth … not just about what you’ve done, ( and still are doing … in a quieter way ) to me and my family, but America needs to know what you’ve done, and still doing to them. You know, George, the corporate price gouging, cooking the books on Wall Street, playing both side’s against the other in Iraq, and across the globe. Hitler did the same things. Saudi Arabia does it to control people … those who kiss *ss, get taken care of … those who don’t, get taken out.

America needs to know about the extent of your illness. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s happened to the greatest of minds. DEMENTIA is not a disease, it’s an illness, George, your just ill … and we can help you. America can help you George. Tell America THE TRUTH, America deserves to know. It’s okay, George, there is HELP. GOD, SEES EVERYTHING. Take the first step, George, for the GREATER GOOD.



P.S. : Do you remember when my family and I were living on xxxxxxxxxxxx., in xxxxxxxxxxxx, Maine, in 2003, when you sent xxxxxxxxxxxxx To hammer on us? Well, I was wondering … you know that secret D. N. A. Test that you had done … the one that proved that I WAS NOT the father of the child, that now resides with his mother in Colorado … the one that they are taking almost half my check to support … the one that both D.H.H.S. and Social Security told us, that they wouldn’t pay any child support to until they did a D.N.A. test to prove it was mine, (even though you had already done one ) then turned around and did it anyway’s … yeah, that one. Could you PLEASE release the result’s of that test, so that I might be able to get this fixed ?

George Bush? Secret D.N.A test? Release the test? What!?!?! But, here’s the real kicker, my personal favorite so far….

Dear Governor John E. Baldacci,

So … we’re suppose to believe, that it’s just a coincidence, that almost every single car that goes by our house, has a loud exhaust, or , no exhaust. And … it’s just a coincidence, that not one of these vehicles, with the exception of a couple, have any business on this road what so ever. They all go off the beaten path, grind or roar past our house, then get back on the beaten path … and it’s all just a coincidence.

We could buy that, if it wasn’t all the same group of A**HOLES, ( and their girlfriends ) only driving different vehicles. That would be very easy to do, say, for someone like Dan’s Auto. What the HELL is the problem with these guys … except for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, that is. ( DOMESTIC TERRORISM ) BABY BUSH.



P.S. I told you Hillary was losing it. I know what I’m talking about ” G “. ( Herbert Hoffman seems like a good man.)

Yes, George Bush is obviously causing people to drive by this guy’s house with a loud exhaust.

This is one of the downsides of blogging: crazy rolls right up to meet you in your email.

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