The Clintons’ Dastardly Monty Python Reference

Have you heard about Hillary Clinton’s latest outrageous racist smear against Barack Obama and a small child? Here’s Ann Althouse (among many others) on the latest Hillary Clinton commercial,

“Why are the letters ‘NIG’ on the child’s pajamas?”

Asks a commenter — “Tom” — on my post about the new Hillary Clinton commercial, the one that shows several children sleeping and then Clinton taking a national security phone call in the middle of the night. You can see the commercial at the link, and the pajamas in question are on display during seconds 11 and 12. On pausing, staring, and thinking, I believe these are pajamas that say “good night” all over them, but the letters “NIG” are set apart by a fold in the fabric.

Is the campaign responsible for sending out a subliminal message to stimulate racist thoughts in the unsuspecting viewer? It is either deliberate or terribly incompetent. There is no other writing on screen until the very end of the commercial, and if letters appear in any place in a commercial, they should be carefully selected letters. Certainly, each image is artfully composed and shot and intended to deliver an emotional impact. Could this be a mere lapse?

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Here’s the image that’s being talked about,

Now, I have previously rapped the Clintons for “subtle, racially charged attacks on Obama” and said that there was no question that the Huckabee campaign realized that there was a cross in their now famous Christmas video.

However, there is just no “there, there” on this latest allegation against the Clintons. If you’ll notice, it doesn’t even say “Nig,” it says “Ni” and then the fold obscures half the “G”. So, people might as well be accusing the Clintons of trying to secretly appeal to Monty Python fans by making a reference to the “Knights Who Say Ni!

While I’m all for beating up on the Clintons — and for that matter, pretty much any liberal — we’ve got to have something a little more substantial than this to hit them with.

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