The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: We Hate You Republicans!

Sometimes, the posts just write themselves. From the fine folks at the Democratic Underground,

IdaBriggs: I’m a “Hater” and I Don’t Care Who Knows It.

I hate George W. Bush and all of his criminal cronies.

I hate the members of Congress (Democrat and Republican) who have let him get away with his Crimes and Incompetence for the duration of his pResidency.

I hate the Republican Party and everything it stands for, including, but not limited to, its interest in denying women reproductive health rights, denying children the right to legally recognized two parent homes if their parents are gay, and their not-so-subtle “be afraid of anyone who isn’t pasty white” message.

I hate what has been done to my country in the name of Fear and Terror.

I hate “airport security” when the lines are long, and I’m taking off my shoes because “box cutters” aren’t made of metal that should have been detected on September 11, 2001. (Seriously, why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the failure of the metal detectors, or the “magic” box cutters that were invisible to the screeners?)

I hate the “look to the future” crowd who are comfortable playing deaf to the cries for justice of the dead and wounded victims of Iraq, New Orleans, and the members of my Armed Forces whose lives and limbs were used like confetti at a “get rich by raping the American People’s pocket book” party.

I hate the feeling of helplessness and nausea I feel whenever George W. Bush’s face comes on the television, or his voice on the radio. I loathe him and his lies, and if my thoughts were powerful enough, the word LIAR would be permanently tattooed on his forehead. (Yes, I mentioned him before, but he’s worth repeating since he’s so disgusting.)

I hate the Republican Parrots who think that repeating lies (“weapons of mass destruction”) often enough makes them true.

I hate the folks who believed them.

I’m a hater, and I think I represent the vast majority of this country. I want some loving from the folks running for office, but I’m not getting it, nor do I ever expect to receive it. (Which is why this isn’t a Primary post.)

I think the single best thing that could happen to this country would be for the networks to start flashing the word “LIAR” over the head of every political pundit or politician whose “opinions” contradict known facts and reality, with a national reminder that “LIARS ARE BAD.” Barring that, maybe Democrats who go on television could start making the letter “L” with their hands in a visible way whenever they are surrounded by right wing Losers who are spouting Blatant Nonsense.

I’m an optimist. Sigh. But I’ve learned to HATE with a passion that I never knew prior to the November 2000 Election, and I will *never* forget it.

Republicans are Evil, and I hate them.

Oh, and for the record, I also hate the folks who are going to reply to this thread saying “don’t *hate* people — I don’t *hate* people, because I’m better than that” (in a really annoying condescending way). I don’t care if you think you are a “better than me” liberal; I just think you are annoying.

In the comments section, the DUer’s overwhelmingly agreed with the original post. Here are some of their extremely representative comments.

natrat: if you don’t have alot of hate going now you must be blind

Perry Logan: Not blind. This isn’t over till those Republican b*stards are driven out of our country.

dmesg: There’s no actual evidence of box-cutters

That flight attendant who called in mentioned tear gas and said “box cutters or something”.

Ultimately we’ll probably never know what actually happened on those planes.

Randypiper: I’m not ready to make nice

These people have made enormous gains by deceptive and illegal tactics.
The legal system has been purged of Democrats and Centrists.
It will take generations to undo. Now we are supposed to forget and become bipartisan.

Look at the voting records of Democrats and Republicans and tell me who crosses the isle and who doesn’t.

I hate them for making me a hater.

Hidden Stillness: We SHOULD Get Re-Energized With Hatred of Republicans

I think the best thing that could happen to the Democratic Party, (and the American people), is to return to the good old-fashioned attitude of openly being against Republicans, and knowing that our biggest task is to stop them and their investment banker contributors. The problem is not that people are “partisan”–they’d God-d*mned well better be!–but that they are lying to us all, taking money from lobbyists and only working for corporations, not even any societal concern at all anymore, and are obsctructing and killing the people’s will and the common good. The problem is paid consultants telling them all how to lie, so they can get us so ignorant, so muddled with self-reflexive double-talk jargon, that we always instantly lose before any true debate might have happened–of the “Why do you hate America?” mind-ripping type–so they can then do what they were really doing all along: taking corporate money, and reworking the laws so that they favor individual corporate donors, at everyone else’s expense. I hate people who say “We are bringing America together,” like Nancy Pelosi, when really they are crawling cravenly to submit to anything libertarian Republicans want, and ripping the country apart, with total lack of representation. My parents–great New Deal believers right to the end–always taught me what sh*t Republicans are, and they were right; and they never change.

1620rock: Yes we HATE them. We hate them with a righteous anger so intense it flows like a mighty river until it cleanses away the filth we hate.

casus belli: That begs the question…is hating evil really hate?

I’m inclined to say no. Seeing injustice, arrogance, poverty, war, etc should make every human being with a head and a heart angry. Sometimes it’s as if the whole world is sleeping and I’m just waiting for people to wake up. I have never felt so bitter and depressed as I did when George Bush’s approval ratings were soaring after the invasion of Iraq. I thought to myself, “How in the hell can people be so f*&$%NoName529 stupid?”.

So in short, I agree with you. It’s hard not to hate when faced with the likes of Sir Shrub.

bluerum: I am willing to “reach” out to these scum,,, with a fist aimed at their teeth.

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