I Thought The Right-Wing Was Supposed To Be ‘Extreme?”

I Thought The Right-Wing Was Supposed To Be ‘Extreme?: Left-wingers love to complain about right-wing rhetoric, call members of the GOP extreme, and claim that we inspire violence against the left.

Yet, it’s amazing how much bizarre paranoia & extremism you can actually find on the left these days. Take this page called “Not In Our Name“. They’re anti-war left wingers with links to the real ‘not in our name page’, Indy Media, Buzzflash, Gore in 2004, Znet & What Really Happened among others.

But these lefties also suggest murdering a number of people including President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Richard Myers (US Air Force), & Tony Blair.

Here’s the commentary from the page…

“To the thousands of innocent people who lost their families till now and get lost their families in brief by British and U.S. bombing. Here are the warhogs and murders of your families. You have a right to kill them like they kill yours.

The murders of your families!
You have the right to kill this crimes.

It is a new valid international law to kill worldwide any people without proofs called collateral damage and decided by this persons. Send them their bombs back in terms of NEW WORLD ORDER because they told you it’s legal!”

Someone ask Tom Daschle if that’s as bad as being called an “obstructionist”….

Thanks to fellow VRWC member Michele Catalano at A Small Victory for pointing this web page out.

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