Salon’s Hypocrisy

Salon’s Hypocrisy: The bubble has long since burst but Salon is still holding on by their fingertips on their left hand. Undoubtedly, Salon will eventually drop into the bottomless $76.6 million money pit they’ve created for themselves — but it won’t be soon enough for me.

Salon has posted some pretty sick stuff before, but I think the incredible hypocrisy of their current letters page may take the cake.

First off, look at this letter that Salon has chosen to publish…

“Another reason right wingers are so keen on the supposed McVeigh-Iraqi connection is the hope that McVeigh’s beliefs and actions will be distanced from their own political views. The truth is that Timothy McVeigh was the end product of rhetoric that the right still uses to further its interests.”

Gee, isn’t that basically the same line that Tom Daschle tried to use? Ya know, today Rush Limbaugh calls Daschle an “obstructionist”, and the next day hundreds of crazed right-wing assassins start gunning for Daschle’s family? Ok, so we get the left’s point of view on this — criticizing your political opponents causes a bunch of nuts to start trying to shoot Democratic Senators and blow up Federal buildings. So, then how does Salon justify posting the following letter on the SAME PAGE as the last one?

“Wow. I thought there was no good news anymore until I read your article about the McDonald’s bombings. If extremists — or even just people with healthy taste buds — could torch every McDonald’s in existence without hurting any personnel, and blow up all the KFCs to boot, the world could only become a better place.

The only thing that irks me, as an American, is that McDonald’s and Americanism are considered synonymous. I’ve lived in America all my 47 years, and I never gave that corporation permission to represent my culture. I haven’t even eaten at a McDonald’s since I became old enough to know better. Let the world know that many of us Americans consider corporations like McDonald’s oppressive alien entities. And pass the gasoline!”

It’s amazing isn’t it? Salon can print a letter blaming unspecified right wing “rhetoric” for causing Timothy McVeigh to blow up a building right after a letter talking about the merits of bombing and arson.

Furthermore, I really have to believe that this letter represents the views of Salon. I say that because after reading Salon’s letter pages, EVERY OTHER LETTER on both pages seems to be either heaping praise on Salon or putting forth a liberal viewpoint that Salon would surely agree with. So wouldn’t it be logical to assume that Salon is posting letters that generally represent its views?
For shame Salon, for shame…

Thanks to Crooow Blog for pointing those letters out.

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