Idaho Lawmakers Take MASSIVE Stand Against Shariah Law!

Idaho Lawmakers Take MASSIVE Stand Against Shariah Law!

Though the Obama Administration is not taking the war being waged by Islamic extremists seriously, those who kill in the name of Allah do. Beyond simply dominating militarily, ISIS and other Islamic factions seek to dominate culturally and that includes implementing Shariah law. Thankfully, there are leaders on a state level willing to forcefully denounce this backwards concept that remains incompatible with Western culture.


By now, the mass objectification of women and unjust punishment for petty misdemeanors under Islamic Shariah law should be obvious.

Thankfully, someone is fighting against it. State Rep. Eric Redman of Post Falls, Idaho, introduced his first bill on Wednesday, which calls to prevent the recognition of Shariah law in the Idaho court system, according to The Spokane Spokesman-Review.

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The Idaho House Ways and Means Committee received stacks of handouts supporting the bill, including a photo of a severed hand and printouts from anti-Islamic websites. The committee voted along party lines, 4-3, to introduce the legislation to the full House.

The fact that Idaho could lose $46 million in federal funding over this issue is why it being heralded as a valiant stance against the terrors of radical Islam and President Barack Obama’s regime.

House Minority Leader John Ruche was not appreciative of the bill. He voted against it, saying, “There is no issue right now, there is no issue. And to bring this piece of legislation and the supporting documents that showed severed hands and called the Prophet Muhammad a pedophile was just beyond the pale.”

Is it “beyond the pale?” Ruche should type “Shariah law” into Google Images — he’d see a whole lot more than just severed hands.

Redman said he’s been working on the bill since September — he’s concerned that family law cases in the U.S. could be influenced by foreign law, like Shariah.

“You’ve got ISIS, San Bernardino,” he said. “There’s a lot of issues that are very challenging, and we want to keep our state from getting into those challenges. That’s why I spent so much time working on it and researching it.”

It’s refreshing to see a representative of the people actually putting the people first. Radical Islamic terrorism is on the rise, and more of those who support that terrorism are attempting to seep through our borders.

The United States offers a proud tradition of religious tolerance. Those who are Muslim should feel safe and secure to worship as they see fit. What is impermissible, however, is to demand that the rest of society conforms to the culture and customs of the Middle East.

Unfortunately, we are currently saddled with a president who is willing to clamp-down on Christians, turn his back on Israel, but bends tremendously to urge consideration of Islam.

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