If Only Carrie Prejean Had Listened to John Hawkins

What did he say?

I’m going to give all the women out there a piece of advice that your parents are probably too uncomfortable to give to you: do not let your boyfriend take naked pictures of you. You know why? Because even if you disregard the moral issues, if the two of you break up, you have a problem. . . .
I have probably had friends/acquaintances of mine show me naked pics of their ex-girlfriends at least a dozen times — and I don’t think that’s unusual. As a general rule, you don’t even have to ask. They want to show them to you, to pay their girlfriend back for whatever slight they feel like they’ve suffered at her hands during the break-up.

We don’t know who took the topless photo of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean that’s now in the news and roiling the blogosphere. The photo (she’s got her back to the camera, so it’s not really that scandalous) doesn’t look like a professional modeling shot, so I’m suspicious as to its provenance.

Statements by Maggie Gallagher and Miss Prejean don’t clarify who took the photo or why, but we don’t have to wonder why it’s being published now. When there’s a financial incentive involved — and if it’s a celebrity, the incentive is huge — you can bet that anything negative out there will not stay private for long.

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Be smart, girls: Listen to what Uncle John says.

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