10 Questions about the Air Force One Photos

Since we have no curious journalists in this country, I thought I would ask the questions that the media fails to ask:

1) What is the name of the person who took the photographs of Air Force One over New York City? How can we get in contact with that person?

2) Since the taxpayers paid over $300,000 for the photos, why is it not being released?

3) Where were the photos going to be shown?

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4) Why New York City?

5) So you want us to believe that you flew a copy of Obama’s jet over New York City without him knowing?

6) Who flew the jet, and how can we speak with him?

7) Why did you threaten the NYPD for warming the public about the fly-over?

8) Since Obama believes so strongly in releasing other photographs portraying our troops in a bad light, why can’t the public see the plane photos too?

9) Was anyone fired as a result of the fly-over?

10) If George Bush did the same thing, what do you think would be the result?

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