Meet Obama’s Trusty Second In Command, Joe Biden!

Seriously, how can anybody favorably compare this hapless doofus to Sarah Palin or Dick Cheney?

The Biden Standard

This guy has made five mistakes for every one Palin made; yet he was treated like some kind of wise-old-hand — as if being an incompetent, lying boob in DC for a long time was the sort of “experience” we needed in the White House to help keep Obama from doing something crazy, un-American, and let’s hope one day, impeachable, like taking control of the banking and auto industries.

Then there’s Cheney, who may have had a snarling, nasty demeanor, but he was at least a competent, serious adult who wasn’t afraid to make unpopular choices if he thought it was good for the country. You can’t say that about Biden or for that matter, Obama.

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Hat tip to Lucianne for the funny graphic and caption.

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