If Paul Ryan Becomes Speaker, A Huge New Illegal Alien Amnesty Is Practially Guaranteed

Just when you thought nothing could get worse than John Boehner as House Speaker, it seems that it may just be getting worse.

A new rumor going around is that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) may become the new House Speaker. And if that happens, something like this could end up happening.


As CNN is now reporting, “Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez on MSNBC called Ryan one of the smartest men in the GOP. ‘He would be good for the country,’ Gutierrez said. ‘He would be good for the Republican Party. Paul Ryan is the kind of individual that would work with people on the other side of the aisle and that’s what we need.’”

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Gutierrez has worked tirelessly to expand immigration levels and open America’s borders up to the rest of the world. As Gutierrez once declared, “I have only one loyalty…and that’s to the immigrant community.”

Gutierrez and Paul Ryan have been longtime partners on efforts to open Americans borders. Indeed, Paul Ryan is arguably the most pro-amnesty GOP lawmaker in Congress, and even supports expanding immigration levels beyond many Democrats.

When will the GOP get it that all voters care about is illegal immigration and the tragic and destructive open borders policies of the last four decades.

Wake up Republicans. Paul Ryan is not your answer.

John Binder

John Binder is a news and political blogger for Right Wing News. Additionally, he is a New Orleans political reporter for TheHayride.com and a news blogger for ProgressivesToday.com.

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