‘If you don’t return we’ll know that you’ve already lived the equivalent of at least 100 lives’

Dan Fredinburg was one of four Americans killed when a deadly avalanche his Mount Everest. Before he left, his friends gave him letters for him to save and read when he hit the top, and have been sharing some of them on social media…


‘Someone who created fun and mischief out of thin air. Someone who broke up fights by walking into the middle of them and dancing with both fighters. Someone who I think about almost every day, through the lens of “What would Dan do?”.

‘Before his climb, Ashley asked some of his friends and family to write letters to take up to the top with him. I hope he got a chance to read this one, and if he didn’t, I hope he can somehow feel it now, along with the unbelievable amount of love and stories being shared around the world in his honor.

You can read the heartbreaking letter here. A CrowdRise page has been set up to raise money for relief efforts in his memory.

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