Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Bludgeoning To Death An Elderly Man With A Hot Frying Pan

Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Bludgeoning To Death An Elderly Man With A Hot Frying Pan

Every day in America, citizens must deal with the consequences of illegal immigration. While most of us must deal with their crimes by paying more in taxes, some pay the ultimate price and deal with the violence that comes with welcoming millions of illegals into the U.S.


A tattoo of a musical clef symbol and the name ‘Danei’ led to the arrest of a 21-year-old illegal immigrant from Jamaica accused of killing his 73-year-old caretaker by cracking a hot metal frying pan over his head.

A US deputy marshal spotted the distinctive body art when he pulled alongside Danei Washington Gordon as he rode a bicycle in Hartford, Connecticut, last Wednesday.

Federal agents had been searching for Gordon in Hartford in connection to the 2013 murder of Neville Smith in Miami.

Marshal’s service inspector Barry Golden said Gordon gave agents a fake name, but the tell-tale tattoos gave him away.

Miami-Dade detectives flew to Hartford to question Gordon, who is awaiting extradition to Florida. He faces a second-degree murder charge in the death of Neville Smith, a Miami cab driver and father of three grown daughters.

Gordon and his mother had been staying with Smith in Miami since coming to the US from Jamaica. According to reporting by CBS Miami, the 21-year-old is here illegally.

On the morning of April 5, 2013, Smith reportedly confronted Gordon about his drug use and threatened to have him deported if he didn’t change his ways.

Gordon allegedly flew into a rage, grabbed a hot frying pan that Smith was using to cook his breakfast and struck the 73-year-old man in the head, killing him. He was later found in the bathroom lying in a pool of his own blood.

Gordon fled and spent the next two years on the run from police and the US Marshals Florida Regional fugitive Task Force, which joined the investigation last year.

Last year, Gordon began posting photos of himself on social media, including shots of his distinctive body art. Police said they had no images of the suspect until he made his presence known on Facebook.

Then last week, officials learned that Gordon was hiding on the north side of Hartford – an area that has a large Jamaican community.

At around 2pm Wednesday, Gordon was riding his bike on Garden Street when a deputy marshal pulled up beside him and noticed an eye-catching musical clef tattoo on his right hand.

The deputy followed the suspect for two miles and then called Hartford police for help.

Neville Smith’s daughter Joi Crockett said she was grateful to law enforcement officials for working continuously on the case in order to bring her father’s suspected killer to justice.

‘It just makes me feel good that my dad was not forgotten, that what happened was not forgotten,’ she told CBS Miami. ‘It just makes me feel good and shows that just because time has elapsed, it doesn’t mean a case will die.’

Gordon was arraigned Thursday at Superior Court in Hartford and ordered held on $1million pending his extradition to Miami, reported Hartford Courant.

During the hearing, Gordon insisted that they get the wrong person, and that he was not in Miami at the time of Smith’s murder.

‘I wasn’t there,’ he said. ‘That was my twin brother.’

At what point will our so-called “leaders” get serious about stopping illegal immigration? Our duty must be to the citizens of the United States and the left simply does not appear to understand this remarkably simple concept.

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