Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Able To Sue The Government. Period.

The idea that people who’ve broken our laws by entering our country illegally should be able to sue our government for things that happened while they were engaged in criminal activity is obnoxious. No American tax dollars should go to illegal immigrants, ever

The family of a Mexican who man who died after an immigration agent shot him with a stun gun at a San Diego border crossing is suing the federal government for unspecified damages.

The family of Anastacio Hernandez says in the wrongful-death lawsuit filed Wednesday in San Diego that authorities used excessive force to detain the 42-year-old construction worker as he was being escorted to Tijuana, Mexico, last May.

…No criminal charges have been filed.

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If border patrol agents broke the law, then there are consequences for that. At a minimum, they should be disciplined or fired from their jobs for a minor infraction. If they actually broke the law and killed someone, then they should have to stand in front of a judge and jury.

That being said, a criminal’s family doesn’t deserve to get paid because the criminal was killed or injured during the commission of a crime. Sorry the guy got killed. Really, I am, but sometimes when you break the law, bad things happen to you. If anything, we should be sending a bill to Mexico for the money we had to spend apprehending one of its citizens. If we actually demanded that they foot the bill for the illegal immigration that they encourage to our country, they might actually stop creating the problem in the first place.

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