Illegal Immigration: The Tactics To Watch Out For

Yesterday, while breaking a little news in my Roy Beck From NumbersUSA — Amnesty Won’t Pass House Or Senate post, I made a prediction as well,

“I have absolutely no doubt that Barack Obama would love to push amnesty through; however, my gut instinct is that he’s going to turn out to be all talk and no action on this issue.”

Despite the fact most other people seemed to think that a comprehensive illegal immigration bill was right around the corner — which made my prediction completely counter to the conventional wisdom — it took me less than 24 hours to be proven right. From CNN,

Multiple Obama administration officials tell CNN that the White House is not pushing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill this year. While it’s a top priority for the President’s first term, White House spokesperson Nick Shapiro says “the president has consistently said that he wants to start the discussion later this year because our immigration system is broken…but the economy comes first.”

The White House has made no secret of the fact that the President wants to see health care and energy reform passed this year, and would be loathe to cripple those efforts with a fight over an issue as controversial as immigration reform. And White House strategists have to be keenly aware of the possible impact on House Democrats from red districts.

…Still, the White House insists the New York Times story on immigration “isn’t news.” Administration officials point out the president previously told members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that he’s always planned to start discussions on immigration reform this year.

Told ya so.

So, what do we need to watch out for on illegal immigration over the next two years?

In all likelihood, the Democrats will try two different tactics in lieu of a comprehensive amnesty bill.

#1) They may try to push through smaller, deceptively labeled bills like the DREAM ACT. The DREAM ACT is billed as a way to allow illegals to go to college. Setting aside the fact that if you aren’t here legally, you shouldn’t be allowed to go to college here — period — the real purpose of the bill is to allow a few million illegals to get American citizenship. Here’s how the scam works,

Proponents of the DREAM Act insist that the purpose of the bill is to ensure that the children of illegal aliens–who were brought here illegally through no fault of their own and shouldn’t be penalized for the sins of their parents–have an opportunity to go to college. After all, shouldn’t every child have a chance to better himself by getting a good education?

What its supporters don’t tell you, though, is that the DREAM Act would award amnesty to virtually any illegal alien under the age of 35 who first entered the United States before the age of 16, has been in the country for at least the last five years, and has earned a high school diploma or GED in the United States. While the age limit of 35 seems excessive, at least it sounds like a relatively well-defined population, right? Here’s the kicker: Illegal aliens only have to submit a petition in which they claim to meet these requirements. There is not a single provision in the DREAM Act that requires the aliens to provide proof that the claims are true. In fact, once an illegal alien submits this required petition, the only way the alien can be denied amnesty is if DHS proves that the claims are false.

…The fact that there is no deadline by which all DREAM-amnesty applications must be filed means there is plenty of time for illegal aliens (those already here and those planning to come) who don’t actually qualify to fabricate or purchase their eligibility. No doubt the Mexican drug cartels and other criminal enterprises already are developing the “DREAM Set”–a prepackaged set of documents, utility bills, high school diplomas, and so on to ensure that every illegal alien gets a slice of the American DREAM, for the right price.

Of course, the bill specifically requires DHS to move all amnesty petitions to the front of the line–ahead of the millions of people who have been waiting for years to come to the United States legally–so it shouldn’t take more than six months or so to decide any one application–unless amnesty is denied, in which case the illegal alien could extend the process for several years by appealing the denial. And what will happen in the rare instance when an illegal alien is denied amnesty? The illegal alien “shall return to the immigration status the alien had immediately prior” to applying for amnesty. Well, of course! We will simply ignore the fact that the alien had to admit to being in the country illegally on his amnesty petition and pretend we do not have his address, occupation, or any other information about him! We can’t let pesky details like the fact that, in order to deny amnesty, DHS has to prove that the alien committed fraud on his petition, is not “of good moral character,” has been convicted of a deportable offense, or is a terrorist, human smuggler, or international child abductor, to get in the way.

The DREAM Act sets no numerical limits on how many illegal aliens may be granted amnesty, and they cannot be counted against the current annual green card limits. Furthermore, once granted permanent resident status, beneficiaries of the DREAM amnesty can become U.S. citizens and sponsor their relatives–the parents who brought them here illegally, any siblings left in the home country, and then aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on–for legal immigration to the United States under current chain migration laws. So all in all, this little bill to ensure that children can get a good education would quickly begin to rival the “one-time-only” amnesty of 1986, under which some three million illegal aliens and their spouses and children were given green cards, along with countless extended relatives.

Finally, just in case illegal aliens who come in the future feel left out, the DREAM Act has benefits for them, too (and there WILL be lots of future illegal aliens since amnesties always result in more illegal immigration and this bill does absolutely nothing to deter it). The DREAM Act would retroactively repeal the federal law that prohibits state colleges and universities from giving illegal aliens in-state tuition rates. The repeal would have two results: First, it would mean that each state would be free to decide whether to give in-state tuition slots to illegal aliens instead of to U.S. citizens and legal residents (after all, there is a set number of in-state tuition slots, so giving one to an illegal alien means one less for a citizen or legal resident). Second, it would nullify the various lawsuits that have been filed challenging those states that already have violated federal law by giving illegal aliens in-state tuition, so those states would get away with breaking the law with impunity. Now, there’s a lesson we all want our children to learn, right?

In other words, if the DREAM ACT were in effect, an illegal alien could sneak across the border today, buy false documents tomorrow, and apply under the DREAM ACT the next day. He would then be moved in front of all the legal immigrants who’ve been waiting in line and would practically be guaranteed to be approved because the bureaucrats will be completely overloaded and won’t have time to take a hard look at anyone’s paperwork. Next up, that illegal would get a green card, American citizenship, and could start sponsoring his relatives as citizens. In a lot of states, that illegal would be eligible to get discounts on tuition that YOUR CHILDREN couldn’t even get if they weren’t from that state.

And if it’s not the DREAM ACT, don’t be surprised if it’s something else along similar lines: deceptive, designed to reward illegals, and aimed at increasing the number of illegals in the US.

#2) The other possibility is that Obama and Company may simply refuse to continue even the meager enforcement efforts of the Bush Administration. So, there may not be an official amnesty, but there will be a de facto amnesty where the border patrol looks the other way and ICE refuses to enforce the laws.

This sort of winking at criminal behavior is grating in the best of times, but it’s particularly obnoxious during a recession when illegals are holding millions of jobs that would otherwise be filled by Americans.

Illegals are taking jobs from Americans, driving down American wages, having welfare babies, committing crimes against Americans — and Democrats are trying to play the pity card for them with the very people they’re victimizing. It’s an utter disgrace and no one, Republican or Democrat, who supports reducing enforcement efforts deserves to be in Congress.

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