An Indication At Walgreens That Obama’s Honeymoon May Be Just About Over

There was a bit of a stink raised when Walgreens decided to no longer sell the Chia Obamas. The impression people were given — which could conceivably be true — is that the product was selling really well but incredibly oversensitive morons got the product pulled because they thought it was racist,

Walgreens has announced that the commander in chief will not sprout a Chia Afro on its shelves.

The Deerfield-based company has pulled Chia Obama after a one-week run. Robert Elfinger, a spokesman for Walgreens, said the chain was yanking the product from test markets in Tampa and Chicago.

“We decided to pull the product because it didn’t fit with our corporate image,” he said in a company statement. “We also didn’t want to be subject to any misinterpretation over the product. People could interpret it through a political viewpoint or other viewpoints and we want to avoid that situation.”

Elfinger says an story early Tuesday misquoted him in reporting that customers had complained the product was “racist.” “The word I used was “offensive,” Elfinger said.

The move caught Joe Pedott, president of Joseph Enterprises and maker of the Chia Obama, off guard. Pedott, a Chicago native, insists the clay bust is “totally patriotic.”

“It’s hope, courage and pro-American,” he told the Tribune on Tuesday.

“If someone calls me racist, I get livid,” he said. “I’m a Republican and voted for Obama.”He remains baffled by Walgreens’ move, because: “The stores love it. Our sales increased 50 percent day to day for the one week it was in the stores.”

Now, in these days and times, it never pays to underestimate the limitless capacity of the hyper-sensitive to be offended. However, I have to wonder how well the products were really selling — and I won’t just tell you why, I will show you why.

The following picture is from my local Walgreens store,

Walgreens Obama discount

Notice what we have there: loads of Obama kitsch, discounted down from $19.99 to $5.19.

Let me tell you something, folks: You don’t mark your products down 74% if they’re selling.

Methinks this may be another early indication that the honeymoon period is just about over for Obama.

PS: I was out to dinner last night and one of the people I was with was an independent who voted for Obama. Yet, she was furious with him. Can you guess why? The stimulus? No. Getting rid of welfare reform? Nope. Slashing missile defense? Uh-uh. She was outraged that he bowed to the Saudi King. I’d prefer that she was furious over his policies, but I guess you take what you can get.

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