This Week In Quotes: April 4-10

Here are the quotes that caught my eye over the last week:

“If Obama loves Europe and dislikes the U.S. so much he should just stay there.” — Ace

“I just don’t get it. Apparently (Levi Johnson’s) thinking that he just impregnated and abandoned a 17 year old girl, so it must be his time to shine.” — Ace

“FNC says the crew has control of the ship (hijacked by Somali pirates) and captured one of the pirates. Thomas Jefferson emailed to say, “F*ck yes!” — Ace

“The world is controlled by those who show up.” — George Allen

“There’s no worse place for a lack of stimuli than the grocery aisle. An active comedic mind may go into overload with the number of stupid headlines that will assault you. For example, you might see ‘Toby Keith Gets Rowdy,’ or ‘Miley Cyrus: Sixteen and Sassy!’ Do you realize how much you have to not give a f*ck to type that and put that in front of another person’s eyeballs? You can’t mock something that (which) has no shame.” — Sean Baby

“America doesn’t give a damn what David Frum thinks about Rush Limbaugh.” — Brent Bozell

“It’s something in liberals’ DNA: They think they can pass a law eliminating guns and nuclear weapons, but teenagers having sex is completely beyond our control.” — Ann Coulter

“It’s hard to appreciate an entity’s leading role in the world when it’s been sucking on your tit for 60 years as Europe has with regard to the United States, parasitically.” — Charles Krauthammer

“It Depends on What the Meaning of Bow Is: The White House denies there was a bow.” — Kathryn Jean Lopez

“This economic crisis is too useful for Obama to want it to end. When Rahm Emanuel — and later Hillary Clinton — spoke of never letting a good crisis ‘go to waste,’ many people were shocked. But now Obama seems to embody the corollary: that the crisis should continue until he has thoroughly milked it to reshape American politics, society and the economy.” — Dick Morris

“(Obama) told the Europeans that the global economic crisis is all our fault. No mention of European greed, overleveraged governments, destructive Euro-loans or Chinese currency manipulation. We did it. Whip us, please.

In return, the Europeans gave him . . . nothing.” — Ralph Peters

“The western world has no will. So we approach a state in which the planet’s wealthiest jurisdictions, from Norway to New Zealand, lack any capacity to defend their borders, and the planet’s basket-cases, from North Korea to Sudan, will be nuclear powers.” — Mark Steyn

“We have become such suckers for words that politicians can spend our tax money like a drunken sailor, provided they call it ‘investment.’ At least the drunken sailor is spending his own money but people look down on him because he doesn’t call it ‘investment.'” — Thomas Sowell

“What does ‘economic justice’ mean, except that you want something that someone else produced, without having to produce anything yourself in return?” — — Thomas Sowell

“Socialists believe in government ownership of the means of production. Fascists believed in government control of privately owned businesses, which is much more the style of this government. That way, politicians can intervene whenever they feel like it and then, when their interventions turn out badly, summon executives from the private sector before Congress and denounce them on nationwide television.” — Thomas Sowell

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