INCREDIBLE: Look at What Hillary Did Right After the Benghazi Report Was Released

INCREDIBLE: Look at What Hillary Did Right After the Benghazi Report Was Released

The Benghazi report was released, America went numb, and then Hillary unleashes a timely campaign article. She’s asking for support. She says.. “It’s Enough” Guess what she’s seeking support in? Here is the article…


Here’s what we have to do to keep firearms out of the hands of terrorists:

1. Close the terror gap.

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Believe it or not, federal law does not currently prohibit suspected terrorists from buying firearms. In 2007, the Bush administration proposed legislation to change that. The proposal—which has the support of more than two-thirds of gun owners—would allow the FBI to stop gun sales to known and suspected terrorists. And yet the NRA and its allies have blocked the bill in every Congress repeatedly since it was first proposed.

When Democrats pushed for legislation to close the terror gap once again after the Orlando attack, Republicans defeated it. And instead of working with Democrats on a compromise, they introduced a competing measure to serve as a decoy. The truth? The Republican proposal would have left the terror gap wide open by requiring law enforcement to establish proof that the terror suspect would actually commit an act of terrorism in order to block the gun sale. And it would only give them 72 hours to meet that standard.

2. Enact comprehensive background checks.

Even if the FBI had the power to block gun sales to terror suspects, that alone would do little to stop terrorists from obtaining guns. That’s because under federal law, background checks are only required for gun sales at brick-and-mortar stores—not purchases at gun shows or online.

That question was apparently too difficult for Republicans in the Senate: They voted overwhelmingly to block expanding background checks after Sandy Hook, after San Bernardino, and now after Orlando.

3. Keeping military-style weapons off our streets.

We’re not going to legislate hate away, but we can pass laws to make hate less deadly.

Just this week, Democrats in the House of Representatives held a sit-in to demand a vote on two of the measures above: closing the terror gap and expanding background checks. And the week before, Senator Chris Murphy and dozens of others held the Senate floor during a nearly 15-hour filibuster in order to do the same. But once again, Republicans in Congress defeated both attempts, adjourning the House session and blocking the Senate bills.

Enough is enough. As Hillary Clinton said last week, if we are serious about combating terrorism, it’s essential that we stop terrorists from getting the tools they need to carry out the attacks. That means electing candidates who stand with the vast majority of Americans in support of common sense gun laws and closing the dangerous loopholes in our current system.

Who would like to join me in giving Hillary one big… shut the hell up.

This woman is not like Obama, she is worse.

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