INCREDIBLE PHOTOS of the Massive Pro-Life March That Rocked D.C. ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It in My Entire Life’

INCREDIBLE PHOTOS of the Massive Pro-Life March That Rocked D.C. ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It in My Entire Life’

Since 1973 the number of American children who have been slaughtered as a result of Roe vs Wade has climbed to 57,558,837 (66,981 abortions in US this year with only 649 due to rape or incest). Ironically, 30% of those murders were black children even though only 12.3% of the US population is black… but of course black lives don’t matter to the media, NAACP or Al Sharpton unless it fits with their agenda– black babies don’t fit into their agenda. The good news is that people ARE fighting back against the genocide of children in America, though the media isn’t talking about that either. A massive wave of anti-abortion demonstrators hit the streets of the nation’s capital January 22, 2015 for the 42nd annual March for Life.

Abortion march DC jan 2015

Hundreds of thousands of people — organizers estimated at least 300,000 marchers — packed the National Mall, listening to political and religious speakers before marching to the steps of the Supreme Court.

“The crowds are massive,” March for Life president Jeanne Monahan-Mancini told TheBlaze. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life.”

As in years past, the rally was dominated by young Catholics, with many Catholic colleges and youth groups bussing in teenagers from all over the U.S.

“It’s a very Catholic event, as a Catholic I’m proud of that,” Monahan-Mancini said, while noting their outreach to other faiths (including having Dr. James Dobson speak at the 2014 March for Life) and the presence of such groups as Secular Pro-Life.

Abortion march dc 2 jan 2015

But at the end of the day, as their chants of “Hey hey, ho ho, Roe v. Wade has got to go” illustrated, the anti-abortion advocates were there for one reason: to protest the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision enshrining abortion as a constitutional right, and, as Monahan-Mancini put it, “to build a culture of life.”

I tend to have a Libertarian view when it comes to personal rights. While some Libertarians believe that abortion is a woman’s right to control her body, I would like to explain how this concept is wholly contradictory to Libertarian philosophy.

A Civil Right is the right of the individual to choose for themselves. These rights are also called natural rights and are spelled out in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. These individual rights should be absolutely protected for everyone; meaning… every person should have the right to practice these rights. Discussion over the current struggle over legalization of marijuana would be the best example I can muster up to explain how abortion is against individual rights. According to some Libertarians, it is the individuals right to become intoxicated by any substance they choose to put inside their body per individual choice. Even though I am ‘Mormon’ where we abstain from harmful substances in the body and I come from a marriage where my husband was addicted to drugs that inevitably ended the marriage (I’m a member of NarAnon), I too believe in the individuals right to choose for themselves, including causing damage to their own body through any means they choose.

In Libertarian philosophy, the individuals rights END where another’s rights BEGINS. Meaning… if an individual chooses to become intoxicated with something like pot or alcohol, which is their right, their right ends upon stepping into a car or doing anything else that may cause harm to another person that may affect the individual rights of another. A person smokes a joint with the expectation of feeling awesome but also knowing that bad things could happen if they got a bad batch, then there will be consequences that they alone must deal with. Having unprotected sex is much like that in that it may be awesome and both involved know there may be consequences as a result, but it is their choice to risk such consequences.

An intoxicated person also has the right to get in a car and drive but their rights end when they hit someone with that car, manslaughter is often a result from such choices. Then why does abortion get a pass since manslaughter is manslaughter?Abortion is the same act as a drunk driver making the choice to run over a pedestrian, except it’s as if the drunk person purposefully ran over the pedestrian which steps the crime up to murder. Back to the CHOICE part that leads to abortion: The individual has the right to participate in actions (sexual intercourse) that may or may not get them pregnant… but that is where their rights end and another’s rights begins. We ALL have the right to choose but with those choices comes the responsibility of consequences. Sex is the choice, pregnancy is the consequence and abortion is just a murderer getting a pass from taking a life because of a bad choice they made.

Just because an unexpected child that is conceived because of another’s poor choice cannot speak, talk or walk— that does not mean that its’ right to live should ever be in the hands of anyone else. Could you imagine if we had a law that said parents suffering under financial or marital burdens had the right to put their children down like a dog as long as the 2 yr-old child couldn’t answer for themselves? Or that a thinking person could execute retarded people because they cannot communicate the way we do or coherently? You would say barbaric! I find it absolutely incredible that the Nation from which the fountain of freedom flows is filled with unthinking individuals who would accept such a premise that abortion is a personal right because by applying common sense to the issue, you will agree that ‘pro-choice’ abortion IS the antithesis of liberty and promotes a lazy disregard for individuals actions and consequences.

I want to thank those who protected Civil Liberties this week by making the sacrifice to travel to the Nations Capitol to fight for those who have no voice! Please honor those who have suffered under this American genocide by making a point to visit the US Abortion clock often, and though those lives don’t have names or never took a breath– they still count under humanity of having existed making each of them, important.

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