Intense Moment Furious Mom Attacked ‘House of Horrors Dentist’ Who Quit After Dozens of Families Claim He Tortured and Choked Their Children

Intense Moment Furious Mom Attacked ‘House of Horrors Dentist’ Who Quit After Dozens of Families Claim He Tortured and Choked Their Children

A Florida dentist bilked Medicaid by performing unnecessary procedures on his pediatric patients. But the worst part is that he abused the children while performing their dental work, choking and hitting them and extracting teeth without anesthesia. But he got a little comeuppance when one mother attacked him outside his practice.


Brandi Motley brought her six-year-old daughter to see 78-year-old Dr Howard Schneider, of Jacksonville, because she needed to have a single tooth pulled.

Schneider pulled out seven of Bri’el’s teeth instead during her December 2014 surgery.

Motley was not allowed to sit with her daughter and only found out what had happened after she was in the waiting room for three hours, according to WJXT.

The mother said: ‘[Bri’el] was hyperventilating.

‘She had marks all over her, blood all over her. ‘In the parking lot, she takes her gauze out, and I notice that all of her teeth were gone.’

Bri’el also told her mom that Schneider hit and choked her while she was in his office. She brought her daughter to the emergency room and then posted pictures of Bri’el’s post-surgery mouth on Facebook.

Motley contacted police as well, but her social media post about Schneider is what really brought him into the spotlight after other parents began posting about him as well.

Schneider now faces multiple lawsuits and his office was picketed by outraged parents carrying signs as a growing number of ex-patients complain about his cruel practices.

The Florida Department of Health said Schneider voluntarily relinquished his license to practice dentistry in the state and authorities have launched an investigation into his practice.

Motley is pursuing a medical malpractice suit against the doctor and her lawyer, John Phillips, said most of Schneider’s former patients have Medicaid as health insurance.

In the last five years, the doctor received nearly $4million in Medicaid reimbursements.
Attorney Gust Sarris, who is representing dozen of people suing Schneider, said Medicaid paid him per tooth.

He said: ‘So, can I cap a tooth twice? Yes. Can I then pull it? Yes.

‘Can I then successfully obtain benefits for all three? Absolutely.’

Schneider is the only pediatric dentist in Jacksonville who took Medicaid, so his practice attracted poorer clients, according to the lawsuit.

Parents of the children in his care also say the unnecessary tooth extractions were done without anesthetic, and that their children often came out of his care with cuts and bruises on their necks.

Schneider is also accused of wearing scary costumes and threatening the children with statements like ‘your mom will die if you tell her what happened.’

The way in which these children were treated is beyond criminal. Hopefully this case will bring more attention to those medical and dental providers using the system as a way to enrich themselves.

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