“Is Levi Fair Game?” Yes.

Ed Morrissey says this about Bristol Palin’s unfortunate choice in baby daddy:

In fact, I think a lot of people miss the point with Levi. Both sides seem to have forgotten that these are very young people who obviously have little experience in interpersonal relationships. The Left forgot that during the election when they pilloried Bristol (and her mother) for not getting an abortion and demanding to know whether Bristol used birth control — which was really none of anyone else’s business. Some of us are missing it now when we attack Levi personally, rather than just criticize his caddish “kiss and tell” appearances for what they are.

He is critical of Erick Erickson who makes some untoward inferences. Bah.

Talk about teen relationships is missing the point here. Sure these are young kids. Sure they’re stupid. Young and stupid kinda go together and babies sometimes result.

However, all sympathy for Levi evaporated when he and his sister, and worst of all, his mother appeared on a talk show hack’s couch and spilled the beans to the world about his sex life. Bad enough to talk in the locker room. It makes you scum. But to talk about your son’s mother on National TV? Well, sir, you’ve just made yourself into a celebritard worthy of scorn.

This story says more about our celebrity culture than it does about the sex lives of teenagers. Levi Johnson’s idiot mother sat on the couch with her son in front of TV cameras and knew that he was going to be talking about his sex life. And that was okay with her.

Is it any wonder this boy has no morals and no class? So sorry, Ed. 99.99% of the time I agree with you, but this time not so much. Levi Johnson made himself the focus. And as such, he deserves all the criticism that he gets. He’s not just the father of Bristol Palin’s son, he’s a celebrity! Lucky him.

P.S. This in no way excuses the behavior of the press toward Bristol and the Palins during the campaign. Bristol was not running for office and did not ask to be center stage. She did not deserve the treatment she received.

And for the record, I wish she would not have said a word about abstinence. Please. Sure, she believes it’s good, in theory, but that dog has hunt.

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