ASU Says Obama Too Inexperienced For An Honorary Degree

Starting your day off with Teh Funny (how did it start where Interwebers wrote the Teh?) Arizona State: Obama unready for degree

President Barack Obama may be delivering a commencement address at Arizona State University this Spring – one of three campuses where the president will send off the graduating classes of 2009 – but he won’t be coming home with any degree.

While “it’s common for universities to confer honorary degrees on commencement speakers,” Dawn Teo writes from Tempe for the Huffington Post,“Arizona State says it has specific rules for recognizing academic achievement and Obama’s ‘body of work is yet to come.”

She cites ASU Media Relations Director Sharon Keeler as saying that Arizona’s honorary degrees are given “for an achievement of eminence” and that the president was not considered for an honorary degree because his body of achievements, at this time, does not meet the criteria.

Now, is that really fair? The president surely has a body of achievements. He was a community agitator, he worked hard on behalf of ACORN, he ran for the Chicago State Senate, he was possibly born in Hawaii (that’s a joke, let’s not go there,) he taught constitutional law, he became a US Senator and voted present a lot, wrote a few books that sold very well, then ran for president. Then he….you know, I started writing this paragraph as a joke, was going to mention many of his foreign affairs gaffes and his bloated government measures, but, really, no matter what one thinks of Obama – and he was certainly way too experienced to be the President – it sure seems to me that he does have the enough experience to be given an honorary degree. Strange, eh?

Maybe it has something to do with Obama really having been nothing special without his hard left friends, his Chicago machine connections, and Secretary Teleprompter. It does seem like a snub. Or maybe ASU which is in a good Red State is annoyed by all the anti-American talk and Bush bashing Obama has engaged in.

According to the ASU State Press, ASU President Michael Crow told the degree committee that “significant contributions to education and society over the course of a person’s career merit consideration for an honorary degree.”

Well, if we go by that definition, I guess he doesn’t deserve one. Still seems to be a slight, though. I wonder if Obama will all of a sudden have to pull out of giving he speech?

It’s still kinda funny, though.

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