Socialized Medicine Today: Kids, Rotten Teeth, Hospitals

A view of the future of Democrats get their way here in the US of A

Increasing numbers of young children, particularly from poor areas, are being taken into hospital to have rotten teeth removed, according to research by academics published today.

While children’s teeth are in general better than in the past owing to fluoride toothpaste and fluoride in the water supply in some areas, there has been a worrying rise in serious problems, chiefly among the most deprived.

More than 470,000 children needed hospital admission for treatment relating to their teeth between 1997 and 2006, according to the research by the Peninsula dental school in Exeter and the UCL Eastman dental institute in London. Since some children were admitted more than once – one girl had teeth pulled out on seven separate occasions over the nine-year period – there were a total of 517,885 “episodes of care”. Half of these were for tooth decay (dental caries) and 80% resulted in extraction.

“If rates of caries and other dental infection are steady, why is there such a marked increase in the number of children being admitted to hospital for dental treatment? And why is it that more and more children are being electively admitted to hospital for extractions? Clearly these questions need to be answered in order to cut the number of admissions, improve dental care for children and ultimately reduce the financial burden to the NHS.”

Notice that last part: reduce the financial burden to the NHS. That will be an overriding concern if socialized health care comes to the USA. Because it is not about providing quality health care: it is about giving every citizen substandard health care for political reasons and saving money.

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