ISIS Is About To Declare A Province In This New Country Outside Of The Middle-East

ISIS is totally out of control and looking to spread their Islamic extremism all over the world. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is concerned with gun control.

Exclusive intelligence suggests that the Islamic terrorist organization is about the declare their caliphate in this country:


The Islamic State in Syria & Iraq, also known as ISIS, IS, ISIL, or Da’esch, its loose arabic acronym, may soon declare a wilayat or province in the southern Philippines. If so, it would be the first recognized satellite extension of the caliphate in Southeast Asia.

A new video from Mindanao which began circulating on the dark web jihadi forum Shumukh al-Islam on January 4, 2016 shows Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon marching with other extremist leaders from Sulu and Basilan, including Abu Sharifa, the leader of Ansar al-Khilafa, among the most aggressive and targeted Filipino groups linked to ISIS. The groups pledge allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“The ISIS-initiated merger of the fighting formations and unifications of the leaders will present an unprecedented challenge to the Manila government,” terror expert Rohan Gunaratna told Rappler. Gunaratna is the author of Inside al-Qaedaand the head of the International Centre for Political Violence & Terrorism Research in Singapore.

But Obama claims these jihadists are “contained?” That’s absurd.

Islamic jihadism is spreading like the plague and our politicians are too stupid to realize it. World War III could be on its way, but all liberals care about is gun control.

John Binder

John Binder is a news and political blogger for Right Wing News. Additionally, he is a New Orleans political reporter for and a news blogger for

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