ISIS Makes Chilling Threat Following Brussels Attack

ISIS Makes Chilling Threat Following Brussels Attack

People of the world are in mourning for what has happened in Brussels, as they were for Paris, as they were for Boston, as they had for America during 9/11, and all other times that terrorism has brought havoc and destruction to humanity. Now before time has even had a chance to heal some pain, ISIS has released another threat, one that cannot be ignored- and the fear is….will Obama ignore it, anyway?

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Muslim students in Europe cheered. Devout Muslims on twitter celebrated #belgiumonfire.

A Belgian newspaper reported they wanted to kill much more people, but couldn’t carry all explosives in their taxi.

I’ve seen the future, freedom lovers, it is murder.

“ISIS Promises ‘Dark Days’ For Countries Against It,” The Associated Press

The Islamic State group has issued an updated communique taking credit for the Brussels attacks and threatening other countries taking part in the anti-ISIS coalition.

The statement promises “dark days” for countries allied against the Islamic State, threatening that “what is coming is worse and more bitter.”

The communique was published in Arabic and French, and an English translation was provided by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi websites.

IS also released photos purportedly showing its fighters in Syria giving out candy to children to celebrate the Brussels attacks, according to SITE.

How long will these flies be allowed to annoy us before we will be allowed to shoo them…permanently? ISIS needs to be exterminated, not with tolerance and good measure- but swiftly and with brutal force. Evil deserves no mercy.

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