James Damore Lawsuit: Google Employee Who Identifies As “Expansive Ornate Building” Gave Talk At Company Event

James Damore Lawsuit: Google Employee Who Identifies As “Expansive Ornate Building” Gave Talk At Company Event

James Damore, a former Google employee who was fired by the company after writing a “manifesto” that was deemed “sexist” for its belief that men and women are inherently different and that Google’s attempt to “close the wage gap” was nothing more than virtue signaling for the left, has filed a lawsuit against in the company. In it, he claims that the corporation discriminated against white conservative men,

Another former Google engineer, David Gudeman, is joining in the lawsuit and claiming that there is very open hostility for anyone engaging in conservative thought at the company. (This might explain why conservative webpages are being treated in a way that is definitely not equal to webpages that espouse liberal thought.)

Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson got his hands on a copy of the filing and began breaking it down on Twitter, pointing out the most notable sections. One in particular is turning heads.

“Page 27, Footnote 3: ‘For instance, an employee who sexually identifies as “a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin” and “an expansive ornate building” presented a talk entitled “Living as a Plural Being” at an internal company event,'” he tweeted.

It also pointed out that two female employees demanded that Google consider gender and race before promoting people to leadership positions on new projects.

“During the event, [Ruth Porat] and [Eileen Naughton] also discussed that when looking at groups of  people for promotions or for leadership opportunities on new projects, Google would be taking into account gender and ethnic demographics,” it reads. “They then mentioned that Google’s racial and gender  preferences in hiring were not up for debate, because this was morally and economically the best thing to do for Google.”

Damore was wrongfully terminated after he became the target of harassment due to his viral letter, despite his superb work performance which had put him on the fast track to a leadership position.

Google would much rather be “diverse and inclusive” than actually promote employees based on their work performance. Even HR employees there have noted that they have received complaints of the corporation being “openly hostile” toward any conservative views, attempting to silence them with extreme prejudice. And these are the people we’re supposed to trust to show us the news? I don’t think so.

I’m glad Damore is suing, and I hope that he wins big and forced change at Google. Then, and only then, will they be truly diverse and inclusive.

You can read the full lawsuit here.

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