Jealous wife who set woman on fire, seeks reduced sentence, because victim wasn’t ‘badly injured’

Jealous wife who set woman on fire, seeks reduced sentence, because victim wasn’t ‘badly injured’

In February 2012, Dana Vulin was viciously set on fire by the jealous wife of a man she met once, starting a long road to recovery for her, that still isn’t finished.  After dozens of surgeries and painful therapy, she still has a long way to go.  The perpetrator of the heinous crime is now asking for a reduction of her sentence, because she believes it was excessive due to Vulin’s miraculous recovery.

Burn Victim

“It’s been just over three years since Dana Vulin was set alight at her Perth home, resulting in horrific third degree burns to more than 60 per cent of her body and countless operations to reconstruct her scorched face, arms and torso.

Now the woman who turned her into a ‘human fireball’, leaving her unable to make simple movements such as straightening her elbows due to the agonising scarring, will argue her 17-year jail sentence was too severe.

Lawyers for Natalie Dimitrovska will on Tuesday, in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, claim that Ms Vulin was not as badly injured as she stated in court, based on footage that shows her recovery filmed for Channel 7’s Sunday Night program.

Dimitrovska, who believed her former husband was involved with Ms Vulin and was envious of her beauty, vowed to ruin her ‘pretty little face’. She walked into Ms Vulin’s home on February 16, 2012, and hurled a bottle of methylated spirits over her setting her ablaze and changing the 29-year-old’s life in every way imaginable.

‘I lost my enter life, I know that sounds huge but people don’t understand the enormity of not having my functionality, it’s my independence, my sexuality, my everything,’ Ms Vulin told Daily Mail Australia. 

During Dimitrovska’s original trial, in Western Australia’s District Court, Ms Vulin described how she ‘was pretty much instantly on fire’ during the attack.

As she continues her long and painful recovery, spending most days in hospital and working with domestic violence and suicide prevention charities in her spare time, the dark prospect that Dimitrovska could be freed early looms. 

‘I’ve been given a life sentence and she’s complaining about 17 years,’ Ms Vulin said.

She found out a year ago that Dimitrovska was lodging an appeal to argue her sentence for grievous bodily harm with intent was ‘manifestly excessive’.

‘My understanding is she thinks it’s a sentence too long for what she has done. It’s just annoying I just want to move on and she’s already caused me enough pain, leave me alone,’ Ms Vulin said.

She has ‘no idea’ if her attacker’s appeal will be successful however, as ‘it’s such a unique case, it’s unprecedented,’ Ms Vulin explained.

Since the assault when she was 25-years-old, Ms Vulin spent two years and eight months wearing a compression mask to help put her face back together.

‘It made me feel like nothing of me was Dana, not the life I lived, the things I did and not the exterior.

‘I would have rather endured physical pain than wear that mask,’ Ms Vulin said.

‘It helped to shape the face and the pressure was so tight it helped flatten and massage the face and try to keep it from going inside out.’

The mask has now been removed but every morning when she wakes up she is stiff from her scars. ‘I am still in the early stages of recovery, I’m looking at least five years,’ she said.”

Dimitrovska thinks that scarring someone for life doesn’t justify a lengthy prison sentence.  Maybe the judge can arrange an “eye for a eye” demonstration in the parking lot in exchange for a reduced sentence.  See if Dimitrovska thinks that it’s not that bad of an injury.

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