Jed Come Quick – They’re Making Fun Of Southerners Again!

Jed Come Quick – They’re Making Fun Of Southerners Again!: Lawerence Toppman is an insufferable left-wing hack who does movie reviews for my local paper, the Charlotte Observer. However, just this once, he wrote something worth reading about the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ of all things…

“Alabama” treats the rural South as the land where we bury coon dogs in cemeteries of their own and go bananas over newfangled furniture such as recliners. On Saturday nights, the most admirable people swig beer atop the water tower and drop the empties down to the concrete base.

Now, try to imagine a movie about slit-eyed Asian Americans who run around with their hair in pigtails and yell, “Me eatee flied lice! Me likee washee clothes!”

No? How about a film where all the Italians are fat guys in tight black suits who grunt “Goombah! Gimme some-a dat spaghetti! Eh, I gotta ya meatballs right heah!” (This would be accompanied by the seizing of a body part in the nether regions.)

Such travesties would be mulled over in the press, protested by ethnic groups and probably ignored by moviegoers who’d find them dull, not to mention stupid.

But git them backwoods cousins a-marryin’, and nobody complains. The general public believes that such peckerwood characters may be slight exaggerations, but they’re probably close enough to the truth to pass.”

I don’t know anyone who has an outhouse, our deputies do have bullets in their guns, and we don’t eat ‘possum stew.’ Not that North Carolina and say Massachusetts are exactly alike (Thank God), but you have to wonder how these bizarre caricatures of Southerners continue to make it into film and television year after year.

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