The UN Knows What’s Best For Your Kids

The UN Knows What’s Best For Your Kids: Well, well, well — it looks like the UN is dictating to the Brits how they’re going to raise their children….

“Britain should repeal a 142-year-old law giving parents the right to spank their children because it violates an international treaty, a United Nations ( news – web sites) committee said Friday.

The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, which oversees a 1989 accord protecting youngsters, said it welcomed British legislation abolishing corporal punishment in schools.

But it also called for the repeal of an 1860 law that allows parents to use “reasonable chastisement” to punish their children.”

You’re probably wondering, “Will these UNocrats will be demanding that Americans stop spanking their kids next?” Oh no, that’s not going to be a problem….

“The United States is one of only two countries – the other is Somalia – that has not ratified the treaty.”

Ah — the benefits of unilateralism!

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