Job Losses Mount And Cap-N-Trade Will Lose More Jobs

There has been something I’ve been wanting to show you guys. It is so cool: A United States map that morphs over the years to demonstrate where jobs have been gained and lost. Go look and then come back.

Disturbing, right? Informative, too. See how Katrina blew up the economy of New Orleans? See how it hasn’t really substantially returned and probably never will? Notice the financial sector disaster in New York, self-inflicted, mind you. Notice how high taxation states like California and New York suffer. Notice how Florida still bleeds from overbuilding and overvaluing property. Like a wrecking ball, the economy swings due to lack of foresight and government interference. See how the whole country suffers now?

Layer on more horrible government interference into the energy and technology sectors, as Cap-n-Trade does and what will happen? Alaska Governor Sarah Palin explains in her Washington Post Op-Ed today:

Job losses are so certain under this new cap-and-tax plan that it includes a provision accommodating newly unemployed workers from the resulting dried-up energy sector, to the tune of $4.2 billion over eight years. So much for creating jobs.

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In addition to immediately increasing unemployment in the energy sector, even more American jobs will be threatened by the rising cost of doing business under the cap-and-tax plan. For example, the cost of farming will certainly increase, driving down farm incomes while driving up grocery prices. The costs of manufacturing, warehousing and transportation will also increase.

The ironic beauty in this plan? Soon, even the most ardent liberal will understand supply-side economics.

The Americans hit hardest will be those already struggling to make ends meet. As the president eloquently puts it, their electricity bills will “necessarily skyrocket.” So much for not raising taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year.

Even Warren Buffett, an ardent Obama supporter, admitted that under the cap-and-tax scheme, “poor people are going to pay a lot more for electricity.”

So, the Health Care plan will hurt the working class because they’ll be stuck with government run health care. In addition, the same people will be paying more for energy costs. Worse, many of these same people, the guys who work in the energy industry will lose jobs.

If this seems outrageous to you, do something. Call your Senators. Call your Congressmen. The Trifecta of Doom(TM) is before them today. Right now, this instant, while everyone is diverted by Sotomayor, it’s health care. Time is short to stop this madness and the time to act is now. [More here.]

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