John Kasich Says He’ll FINALLY Leave The Race If…

John Kasich Says He’ll FINALLY Leave The Race If…

John Kasich has declared that if he does not win his home state of Ohio, he will drop out of the Presidential race. Kasich has been far behind Trump, Cruz and Rubio in almost every poll for months now. Kasich sees the writing on the wall.

“I will beat Donald Trump in Ohio, and that will be the beginning of a new day,” Kasich said in Nashville, The New York Times reports.

“Some of the other candidates, if they can’t win their home state, they got to get out, OK?” the Ohio governor continued. “If I don’t win my home state, I’ll get out.

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“But you know what? I’m going to win Ohio,” he said.

Kasich’s comment was a shot a rival Marco Rubio, who is lagging behind Trump in his home state of Florida by as much as 16 points in recent polls.

The Buckeye State holds its primary on March 15.

We are quickly reaching the point where the GOP must coalesce behind one candidate. And the longer we go on with candidates who poll poorly and don’t win primaries, the longer it will take for that to happen. It’s time for those who are clearly not winning votes, to step out and allow the GOP maximum time to campaign for the general election candidate.

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