Jose Maria Aznar Sums Up Obama

Possibly the most shameful moment in Spanish history came when Spain reacted to the Muslim terror attacks of March 11, 2004 by rejecting Jose Maria Aznar in favor of the groveling dhimmi Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. But Aznar is still around, proving there’s hope for Spain yet. Here he is on the farcical Obamessiah phenomenon:

A historic exoticism and predictable economic disaster.

If anything is more predictable than the catastrophe The One’s insane “stimulus package” will cause, it is moonbats’ denunciation of Aznar as having “clear racist roots” (to quote Jose Blanco of Spain’s ruling Socialist Party).

Failing to revere the Moonbat Messiah is such a blasphemy, the Chicago Sun-Times uses it to discredit other words of wisdom from Aznar:

Aznar has a history of controversial statements and gaffes. Last October, he dismissed climate change as a “new religion” that is drawing hundreds of billions of euros at a time of economic crisis.

He has also asked why Muslims have never apologized for having conquered Spain and occupied it for eight centuries.

Presumably anyone who doesn’t believe these are “gaffes” is enough of a thought criminal to think $1 trillion of pork we can’t pay for won’t save our economy.

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